“The idea is not to test the limits of our planet and find out how much more damage it can take, but to come together and begin restoration and reversal. We owe it to every generation that comes after”
Ratan Tata, Indian industrialist, philanthropist


As the days spent in our homes blurred together and became indistinguishable, in the outside world huge shifts in consciousness are happening. In less than 100 days, the world shut down and everything changed. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated an ability to spread rapidly, with major short and long-term implications for us all. We learnt in a few days how to reinvent, reorganize, readjust ourselves, imagine new ways to interact, to work, to be together, to help, to re-discover simple things which we were too busy to do,, even to appreciate people we had taken for granted. We need to learn the lessons that are being shown from this virus, and not forget them!